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'Excellent reading. Confronting and absorbing, The Last Governor certainly doesn't pull any punches.'


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'Very interesting read. The Last Governor showed the corruption and the existence of a boys club within the corrective services.

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'A very good read with actual true stories about the NSW CS. It shows the way the Woodham empire ran and how he reached his goals. I would recommend this to any person who is interested in reaching the top position or to any anti corruption agency for their benif

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I recommend 'The Last Governor' as it is a very factual account of a difficult period within the NSW Prison System. John Heffernan is one of a number of experienced officers who were casualties and were subject to a vindictive manager, John describes this manager as the cowboy. Unlike John and the others who were forced from the system I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to leave NSW and continue my career with the Northern Territory Correctional Services.


I enjoyed the book, congratulations John for having the courage to write about your experience and no doubt there will be many others that agree with you.'


Ken Middlebrook


Former Commissioner Northern Territory Correctional Services and former Assistant Commissioner NSW Department of Corrective Services


'Killers, Rapists, Mad Dog and Me'


'He was custodian of the state's worst killers and crooks. Now this jail boss gives the inside story.'


The Daily Telegraph, 02 June, 2012


'G'day John, just a line to let you know I've read your book... just had to read it in two sessions, couldn't put it down... You told your story in a true and accurate way... The early years were pretty rough and tough but we got to meet a mainly great bunch of blokes.'


Paul Cafe, former prison officer both NSW and Queensland Corrective Services (Note: Paul features in Chapter One of 'The Last Governor' when he was taken hostage during an escape attempt by three prisoners. 05 June, 2012 


'Last Governor' fondly remembers time spent in Glen Innes centre'


'While his time in Glen Innes occupies several chapters in the book, they do contrast with the violence and abuse Mr Heffernan witnessed and often received as he progressed through the ranks and through various posts.'


Glen Innes Examiner, 03 March, 2012



  'From dealing with rapists, murderers and serial killers... Former gaol governor tells all'


 'John Heffernan, author of The Last Governor, has detailed the challenges that he faced serving on the 'right' side of the bars, including the years he spent as the governor in charge of Tamworth Gaol, now known as the Tamworth Correctional Centre.'


Northern Daily Leader, 25 February, 2012



'I have just finished reading your book. Congratulations a job well done... When reading some chapters, I could smell the gaol as clear as day and also hear the noises as if it were only yesterday.'


 Superintendent (name withheld by request), NSW Department of Corrective Services


 'Former Grafton Jail governor puts pen to paper after spending 30 years... On the inside'


'After retiring from the service while governor of Grafton Jail five years ago, John Heffernan started putting pen to paper.  The result is a 422-page paperback called The Last Governor. Released last week, the book is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the NSW prison system - warts and all.'


'He has seen it all. His book pulls no punches detailing a remarkable life dealing with the worst criminals in this state and a bureaucracy that gave John Heffernan no choice but to leave the job he loved, earlier than he would have liked.'


Grafton Daily Examiner, January 14, 2012


'Thoroughly enjoyed it...well written and sequenced...having lived through the same, I truly related to your descriptions of events and the people involved...'


Former Governor (Name withheld by request), NSW Department of Corrective Services


'The Last Governor was excellent reading for both people who work for DCS or who live in the outside world, good on you John...'


Former Manager of Administration, NSW Department of Corrective Services


'The book is direct to the point: Working in a prison is hard and very challenging. You encounter people with different views who committed crimes and as such you can only be grateful of the work that these prison officers do. I commend the author for showing how the prison system really works and the problems they face every day.'


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